Young people, parents, you will love this article a former “Bachelorette” Contestant who is staying abstinent in her current dating relationship.


The “Bachelorette” is a dating game show on ABC -TV.  Becca Tilley is a former contestant on this show. She has been sexually abstinent and sticking that way in her current relationship with Robert Graham. Robert Graham is also staying abstinent. He is respecting his girlfriend, Miss Tilley’s decision. Christen Whitney the current contestant on the “Bachelorette,” is also staying sexually abstinent.  Miss Whitney is also encouraged by Miss Tilley so that they both are making the same healthy and emotionally self-esteem boosting decision for their lives.  There are three famous TV stars who have made the decision to be sexually abstinent. Young people, we need to be sexually abstinent so we can healthy marriage relationships in the future.