Teens and Parents do you want to form healthy and holistic relationships? If so you will love this article.


In Routt County, Colorado CEO Melinda Clark of a health center and her staff are teaching a Sexual Risk Avoidance Program in their local schools. Routt County is located in the North Western part of Colorado. Sexual Risk Avoidance is an abstinence program that is run by the Family Research Council. They not only teach the abstinence program but also add activities that help teens and parents to build better relationships.  Dr. Clark loves teaching young people how to build healthy relationships, bodies and futures. This is awesome that Dr. Clark and her staff want to help teens to be sexually abstinent.  Not too many doctors want to help teens to be sexual abstinent. There are doctors and nurses that promote condoms and the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine.  50 healthy teens have died from the HPV Vaccine. There are also thousands of teens who have gotten paralyzed right after having received the vaccine. Doctors, parents, and people who want teens to be sexual abstinent and build healthy futures is what should be happening and it should be encouraged!

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