“What do researchers do when they discover that vaccination opponents are justified in being concerned? No vaccines have been studied for their non-specific effects on overall health, and before we have examined these, we cannot actually determine that the vaccines are safe (emphasis added). In addition, our research shows that some vaccines actually increase overall mortality, especially among girls, and this is very worrying,” explains Christine Stabell Benn, Clinical Professor, University of Southern Denmark, Odense."....

"Christine Stabell Benn is also pleased that she has not had any children in the United States, where, for example, all newborns have the mandatory non-live hepatitis B vaccination four times before their first birthday.

I would not voluntarily give my newborn the hepatitis B vaccine let alone want to be forced to do it  (emphasis added). Vaccination this early only makes sense if the mother is chronically infected with hepatitis B, for which there is a test, and only a few percent have it. So the vast majority of infants who get the vaccine at birth do not need it, and no one has tested what the vaccine means for overall morbidity and mortality. The only study to investigate this is our study, showing that hepatitis B is associated with higher female than male mortality, which is a serious danger signal given our results for other non-live vaccines,” says Christine Stabell Benn."

Read the article here:  https://www.sciencenews.dk/en/vaccines-an-unresolved-story-in-many-ways.