For Parents, young adults, and teachers, you will love this article on the CDC study done last year of virgins vs. non-virgins on safe and healthy decisions

Virgin Teens vs. Non-virgin Teens

143% of virgins almost always wear a seatbelt

Non-Virgins are 94% more likely to ride with a drinking driver

Non-Virgins are 337% more likely to participate in binge drinking

Non-Virgins are 336% more likely to smoke marijuana

Non-Virgins are 500% more likely to inject illegal drugs

Non-Virgins are 48% more likely to feel sad or hopeless

Non-Virgins 282% more likely to use tanning beds

Non virgins are 24% less likely to eat breakfast and 21% do not get eight hours of sleep.

Non Virgins are more likely by 133 percent to participate in physical fighting.