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Let’s tie all the pieces and dots together about this current, supposed crisis for the Chinese Covid-19 disease. 

So the people who are bringing you, so to speak, the Chinese corona virus, or Covid-19 virus are the very same ones who brought you the brutal suppression of the people of Wuhan China and the very same ones who took away the religious rights of people in California and New York, and are trying to do that in New Jersey, and are working on doing it in other places. These are the same people who are gung ho on this response to the Chinese corona virus.

So there are a lot of strange “coincidences” going on and I’d like to go through them and show you why what is going on is godless.

The last simulation for preparedness was Event 201 a rehearsal of a corona virus pandemic organized on October 18, 2910, in New York by Johns Hopkins University, the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum. The article goes on to explain that the Global Health Security Agency was formed in 2014, just after whistleblower William Thompson raised concerns that the CDC Centers for Disease Control was committing fraud in their MMR vaccine safety study.

So, since there was distrust in vaccination US Health and Human Service Department, World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Global Alliance for Vaccination and immunization and health officials from dozens of countries decided to create a healthy security agenda for the world. They agreed on a priority to achieve 90% measles vaccination coverage around the globe, so soon after that we had the big measles scare, so called in Disneyland in 2014, the Vaxxed movie came out, but unfortunately, the Vaccine Safety Commission which was to be led by Robert F. Kennedy never happened.”

And right now there’s attack on vaccine freedom and freedom in all, basically all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

So what is this agenda 201? Well, the John Hopkins Center for Health Security held a table game, which is usually referred to war games. This exercise was on October 18, 2019. And it’s interesting that this exercise had many of the elements of the current crisis in it to her. We see the article here, “What Can We Learn from a Pandemic Table Top Exercise?” So this as I said, happened on October 18, 2019.

This article in the Federalist talks about Communist China Attempts to Hide yet Another Mass Protests Against Its Authoritarian Rule”. Where was this protest? This protest was in Wuhan, China. It was in Yangluo a suburb of Wuhan. This is posted July 9, 2019.

The article’s subtitle asks “Are the Hong Kong Protests Spreading to the Mainland?”

Let’s move on to the United States here. This is an article that says “NY Measles Outbreak Hoax? No Confirmed Cases of Measles in NY”. This is about the 2019 outbreak of measles in New York as I just said.

Well, the problem was that, of course, they’re supposed to test the cases to see if it was caused by wild measles virus or by vaccine strain virus, and they never did that, so we don’t know if the virus even caused by wild measles virus strain. It could have been caused by vaccinated carriers.

Of course, they don’t want people to know that.

Well, governors should test a city, or a county, or a town to see how widespread the infection rate is. The difference with this virus is that many people are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms, so they can easily be going around. They don’t know they have the virus and also they could spread it.

Why aren’t the governors of New York, New Jersey, California testing to see the real prevalence of this virus? Maybe they don’t want people to know what the real situation is. They’re using scare tactics, instead. As I said with the measles they didn’t see whether it came from vaccinated or unvaccinated, they don’t want people to know that vaccinated carriers can spread the disease.

What about the H1N1 virus 2009 scare?

Well, they didn’t want people to know that it turned out very few people had H1N1, they suppressed that information.

What about the study in 2005 that showed that the flu vaccine didn’t work and that even mortality rates went up? Well they suppressed that.  They don’t want people to know that.

What about the vaccine mandates? The fact that no vaccine has ever been shown to be more effective, help people more, than harmful? In other words, there’s no studies done to show that more people won’t die from the vaccine, and or be injured then in the case of those who never get the vaccine. Why don’t they do that? It’s clear, it’s the same game plan.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower said in his farewell address in 1961 that we must beware of an unholy alliance between between government and the military.  He also warned of conflicts of interest between government funded scientists, and between a scientific elite and the government.

So this whole supposed response to the coronavirus is completely ungodly, it’s evil, it’s satanic. It’s wrong. The conscience is given by God. We cannot suppress people’s conscience and religious freedom. Remember, the first places shut down were what? A mega church in Seoul, a synagogue in New York. Now, all kinds of churches and places of worship.

To solve this crisis, or this supposed crisis, we need to see from God’s viewpoint. The suppression of conscious and freedom is ungodly, it’s evil, it’s satanic. It does not serve God’s purpose, as we reviewed closely in this video with the Chinese communist suppression and the suppression as well in the Western countries in places like California and New York.