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Abstinece Awareness Week

Announcing the Right Choices Youth Prevention Corps


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Urban Life Training is a GuideStar Exchange Member, committed to transparency.

Abstinence-Centered HIV/AIDS Prevention & Character Education

Washington , DC has the highest rate of HIV infection in the United States, and a rate higher than many African Nations.  Are you protecting your youth?

  • Do you have a program in place to support  youth and young adults at your youth program, organization, or school to stay sexually abstinent until marriage?
  • Are you utilizing your best resource; other youth who are already sexually abstinent as peer counselors?
  • Do your youth have accountability relationships with an older youth or adult who is committed to sexual abstinence and marital fidelity?
  • If not, what are you waiting for?  Schedule ULTRA Teen Choice sessions for your school, church or organization today.



STAR Interfaith Leadership Training
STAR Guides Neema, Dashell & Sarah


Jaemi & Neema with Urban Life Training co-founder Richard Urban.


Forum 2011:
Sex; What They Don't Tell You.
Why Wait for Marriage. Highlights

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Sex: What they don't tell you. Why Wait for Marriage?

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Download the Abstinence Awareness Fact Sheet

Know the facts about the HPV vaccination in Washington, DC.

You can opt your child out for any reason:
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Learn more about the HPV Vaccination; 42 deaths and almost 1000 serious adverse reactions have occurred after receiving the vaccine.

The Hilltop:  Parents Opt out of HPV Vaccination

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 Find out more about Sex Education in Washington DC Public Schools:
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The Link between drug abuse and HIV


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