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September 29, 2010

ULTRA Teen Choice Seminar on October 6

From Left, Sarah, Yun-a, and Tashiba doing a Peer Counseling demonstration.

Seminar on HIV/AIDS prevention,premature pregnancy prevention;
setting goals; relationships;

Peer Counseling Demonstration.

When: Wednesday, October 6, ,2010 6 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: HSC Pediatric Center,
1731 Bunker Hill Road N.E., Washington, DC 20017
This seminars is free and is presented in cooperation with Kayla's Village (http://www.kaylasvillage.org/). Send an email to Tonya Logan to register for this seminar. Like to bring this seminar to your church or organization? Give us a call at 202-558-5550, or email Richard Urban .

ULTRA Teen Choice Successfully concludes Grant collaboration with 12 Ward 6 organizations
Excerpt from the June, 2010 final report on the US Dream Academy Violence Prevention Initiative Collaborative Grant (Note: these are just the activities for June) Under this grant ULTRA Teen Choice provided services from September 2009 to June 2010 to 11 organizations serving youth from Ward 6.

How many program participants did you serve this month under this project grant? 
What is your total number of participants served overall under this grant (YTD)?
We served 81 youth this month.
Total = 311 program participants under this project grant, plus 15 participants at the ULTRA Teen Choice training seminar in October, plus 12 teachers at Options PCS.

  1. Describe activities and progress/outcomes toward your goals and objectives (as illustrated in your submitted Goals and Objective chart).

1.  Provided 3 sessions of the STAR Program using the Sex can Wait Curriculum at the Boys and Girls Club #2.
2.  Provided an HIV prevention seminar for youth in Ward  6 at Imani Temple (6 youth and adults) and Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (13 youth & adults).
3.  Provided three sessions of HIV prevention to youth at Sasha Bruce House at 1022 Maryland Ave. NE in collaboration with the Southwest Washington West of the River Family Strengthening Collaborative under the guidance of Juanita Jones.
4.  Provided 9 session of HIV prevention to 7th and 8th grade youth at Options Public Charter School.
5.  Provide one sessions of HIV prevention to youth at the North Capitol Collaborative Sarsum Corda Youth Center.
6.  Promote the adoption and practice of sexual abstinence and other positive character traits among 4th to 8th grade youth at two program sites:  The STAR Program for 4th to 8th grade youth continued at  Boys and Girls Club #2 and 39 youth were served at Options Public Charter School.
7Promote the adoption and practice of sexual abstinence among high school and college STAR Guides.  STAR Guides Sarah Urban, Yun-A Johnson, Erica Smith, Brittney Autry, Ceily Moore, and two youth from Sasha Bruce house assisted in the HIV/AIDS prevention sessions.
8.  Promote the adoption and practice of sexual abstinence to parents:  Six parents attended the Seminars at Imani Temple and Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  Highlight a Success Story for this month:
A young woman at the Sasha Bruce House became a peer counselor, including helping to lead two peer counseling sessions at the June 19 Seminar.  She explained why it is important to her to be sexually abstinent, and she answered questions from other youth.  I am extremely proud of her, and I know that so many more youth in all kinds of difficult circumstances can benefit from the ULTRA Teen Choice program.  Also, another young woman from Sasha Bruce served as a guest lecturer for the presentations at Sasha Bruce, and she did a great job.  Juanita Jones from SWWR and Sasha Bruce wants the ULTRA Teen Choice program to get out to many more youth.


STAR Guides Yun-a Johnson & Sarah Urban enjoy a day at Six Flags on June 23, a hard earned reward for a job well done.
An ULTRA Teen Choice Training Seminar was held at the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith Annex in Northeast Washington, DC on June 19. Thirteen people attended and five youth attending are now certified as Peer Counselors. Click here to see a slide show.
An ULTRA Teen Choice Training Seminar was held at Imani Temple in Northeast Washington, DC on June 5. Dijon(L) from Wilson Senior High School practices assertiveness skills with STAR Guide Ethleen Sawyer(R) from Howard University, while STAR Guide Erica Smith (center) from Howard University observes. Click here to see a slide show.
These seminars and activities are funded in part by the US Dream Academy

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