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March 3, 2010

Teens Needed to Interview for Documentary

Angel (L) and Tierra, School Without Walls Seniors, testify at the City Council Youth hearing.

Are you a teen that wants to speak out on why sexual abstinence is important to you? Backstage Access Company is shooting a documentary on the real lives of teens. This shoot will happen on Saturday March 13 at 10:00 a.m., which is the last day of Abstinence Awareness Week. Please call Richard Urban at 202-558-5550 or send an email  to Richard  to sign up to participate in this interview/discussion.     


Insert this flyer in you church, mosque or temple bulletin this Sunday, March 7

With a new study showing that abstinence programs are effective at reducing teen sexual activity, the celebration of Abstinence Awareness Week in Washington, DC takes on even greater importance this year. Sunday March 7 is Abstinence Awareness Sunday. Please reprint and distribute this insert to everyone in your congregation. If you would like us to publicize your Abstinence Awareness Week event, please email the information to Richard Urban. You can find activities and mini-posters here. Read Abstinence Awareness essays here You can purchase the following ULTRA Teen Choice videos from the ULTRA Teen Choice store to facilitate education and discussion at your location:

  •     Youth Forum III (Howard University-2009)
  •     I Am Abstinence Working DVD
  •     Youth Forum 2008 DVD
  •     High School Club Formation DVD
  •     STAR Guide Mentor Testimonies DVD
  •     Why Wait: Classroom Peer Counseling DVD
  •     Youth Forum 2007 DVD

Washington, DC Abstinence Awareness Fact Sheet
Download the fact sheet here.

    Know the facts:
  • Abstinence works every time
  • There is a solution for the HIV/AIDS epidemic: Abstinence
    before marriage and faithfulness within marriage.
  • Abstinence is the only 100% sure way to avoid the
    negative physical, intellectual, emotional, social,
    spiritual and financial consequences of sex outside of
    Did you know that?:
  • 1 in 16 teen girls 15 to 19 years old gets pregnant each year in DC, and in
    many DC communities, up to 60% of all teenage girls will get pregnant at least
  • 2.6 % of black females and 6.5% of black males in DC are infected with
    HIV/AIDS that is diagnosed, but the actual rate is much higher?
  • Over 9300 DC residents have died of AIDS?
  • 93.2% of new AIDS cases among women in DC are among Black women?
  • 42% of DC high school students have never had sex with twice as many
    now abstaining as compared to 1994?
  • Girls who experiment with drugs or sex are two to three times more likely to
    be depressed than those who don’t.?
  • Boys and girls who are sexually active are also much more likely to drink
    alcohol, smoke cigarettes, smoke marijuana, be suspended from school, or be
  • Condoms do not provide any protection against HPV (human papillomavirus,
    the primary cause of cervical cancer) or trichomonas vaginalis, and only
    50% protection (at best) against genital herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis and
  • The number of Washington DC Chlamydia infections among teenagers almost
    doubled from 2006 to 2007 with almost 2400 teenagers infected? Chlamydia
    can lead to sterility if not treated.
  • In DC’s Wards 7 & 8, 82% of all births are to single mothers?
  • Prevention through abstinence will improve future outcomes for youth
    and for our city:
  • Studies reveal that even in high-crime inner-city neighborhoods, well over
    90 percent of children from safe, stable, two-parent homes do not become
    delinquents. More youth waiting means more stable homes in the
    Abstinence works every time. Condoms have limited effectiveness, and do
    not deal with the emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual consequences
    of having sex. You are worth waiting for.

Download the fact sheet here.


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Community Events

Abstinence Awareness Week is March 6 to March 13, 2010.

Passion, Purity & Power Prayer
March 6, 2010 Saturday
8:45am – 12noon
St. Teresa of Avila Church
13th & V Sts. SE
Sponsored by
Embrace--Single Wholeness & Marriage Strengthening Inc.
Select Singles
Hosted by
The St. Teresa of Avila Charismatic Prayer Group
Pre-Registration at 202-269-3449
Or at relationships-sweet.com

STAR Guide Intern Opportunity

Are you a high school or college student who believes in sexual abstinence? Then help others while getting paid to be a STAR (Student Teaching Abstinence & Responsibility). Contact Richard by email or call 202-558-5550.


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The War on Intimacy

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Do you know what is being taught in your child's sex education class?
Where did the current ideas about sex education come from?
What is meant when some curricula talk about "abstinence".
Why are condoms promoted so heavily in some curricula, and abstinence ignored.
Find out the answer to these questions and much more by purchasing your copy of The War on Intimacy.
This is a must read for those who want to know how we got where we are regarding sex education for our youth.
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