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New Study Shows Abstinence Programs Work

Capria speaks out at the Youth Awakening youth panel

Sex education classes that focus on encouraging children to remain abstinent can persuade a significant proportion to delay sexual activity, researchers reported Monday Feb. 1 in a landmark study that could have major implications for U.S. efforts to protect young people against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Currently, the District of Columbia does not allocate any funding for abstinence programs.

Only about a third of sixth- and seventh-graders who completed an abstinence-focused program started having sex within the next two years, researchers found. Nearly half of the students who attended other classes, including ones that combined information about abstinence and contraception, became sexually active.

The findings are the first clear evidence that an abstinence program could work, according to the Washington Post. However, several other studies have shown efficacy in reducing sexual activity, such as these, but this study is considered to be more definitive.

"I think we've written off abstinence-only education without looking closely at the nature of the evidence," said John B. Jemmott III, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who led the federally funded study. "Our study shows this could be one approach that could be used." Read more
Source: The Washington Post Feb. 2, 2010 with additional content by Richard Urban

REAL Relationship Seminar is a hit


Health Advocacy Coalition Press Conference
REAL Relationship Seminar on Jan. 30, 2010

The Real Relationship seminar was held on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at the New Hope Ministry Center. Richard Urban, ULTRA Teen Choice Executive Director was one of a tem of four presenters.

Participants learned three practical relationship skills that they could use immediately. The REAL seminar explored where we learned about relationships and how that pattern influences our current relationships. We also explored what ideal relationships within a family would look like.

At the beginning of the seminar, participants chose a relationship that they wanted to focus on. "This seminar gives participants tools that they can use right away", said Richard Urban. The next REAL Relationship Seminar will be held on March 27 at the New Hope Ministry Center.

STAR Guide Intern Opportunity

Are you a high school or college student who believes in sexual abstinence? Then help others while getting paid to be a STAR (Student Teaching Abstinence & Responsibility). Contact Richard by email or call 2020-558-5550.

Use the ULTRA Teen Choice email tool to reach all DC City Council Members and key staff persons:

Abstinence Awareness Week is March 6 to March 13, 2010 :

More information
Contact Richard by email to help plan this years events.


March 6, 2010

  Abstinence awareness event sponsored by Servants Without Borders
March 7, 2010
All Day Abstinence Awareness Sunday. Youth and Young Adults committed to Abstinence until Marriage share testimonies during Sunday Service and other awareness activities.
March 8
6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 4th Annual Abstinence Awareness Week Youth Forum
Location to be announced

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The War on Intimacy

by Richard Panzer and Mary Ann Mosack

Do you know what is being taught in your child's sex education class?
Where did the current ideas about sex education come from?
What is meant when some curricula talk about "abstinence".
Why are condoms promoted so heavily in some curricula, and abstinence ignored.
Find out the answer to these questions and much more by purchasing your copy of The War on Intimacy.
This is a must read for those who want to know how we got where we are regarding sex education for our youth.
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