Character, not condoms

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Parent/Teacher/Student Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, January 11: See Below for details

Character, not Condoms E-Newsletter, December, 2006

STAR Guide Ashley Walker
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    Statistically significant changes in the attitudes of students participating in the three part classroom HIV/AIDS and pregnancy prevention presentations plus peer counseling have been shown by an analysis of two participating classes. In the post-program questionnaire, significantly more students agreed with this statement : "Not having sex until marriage prevents sexually transmitted diseases, like AIDS", and significantly more students disagreed with this statement: "Contraceptives (such as condoms or birth control pills) protect me from all consequences of sex".

7th Grade Club members
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   The 7th grade ULTRA Teen Choice Service Club kicked off at Stuart-Hobson Middle School on November 29. Seventeen students attended the kick off Club meeting. Club leaders Simi Akinwande and Erica Donnelly introduced the purpose of the Club and the Club rules, and students got to know each other better by interviewing their fellow Club members and sharing with the other Club members. Middle School Clubs meet weekly, and provide mentoring by STAR Guides, peer counselor training, peer support by other abstinent youth, and lessons and activities that teach and reinforce abstinence and relationship skills.

8th grade Club members practicing peer counseling

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  8th grade Club members prepared for peer counseling. A core activity of the ULTRA Teen Choice Service Clubs is training the Club members to counsel their peers in the classroom about resisting peer pressure, and to help them learn assertive skills. 8th grade club members at both Kramer Middle School and Stuart-Hobson Middle School practiced to prepare for classroom peer counseling on resisting peer pressure.

Dionni receives her certificate of completion
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   The ULTRA Teen Choice abstinence and healthy relationship program for New Community for Children after school program concluded on December 20. In all, 24 high school and middle school youth were served by the program. Ten weekly sessions covered HIV/AIDS and pregnancy prevention, resisting peer pressure, learning assertive skills, the benefits of marriage, financial literacy training for high school youth, friendship and family relationships, attitude, habits and character=destiny, dealing with anger, and self worth, plus other topics.

Presentation at the Action for Christ Family Church
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  A training seminar and two more presentations were held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on December 31 and on January 2, with a total attendance of 100. After hearing about the program during a seminar at the Milwaukee Family Church on December 31, Rev. Maurice Lawrence asked Executive Director Richard Urban to give presentations at the Action for Christ Family Church, and at the True Our Brother's Keeper Center for Justice. The presentations were well received, and Rev. Lawrence will be launching ULTRA Teen Choice activities in Milwaukee.
   View the Reality Check Video: The video is superb!  I am really touched and inspired by the work you are committed to. I wish such a program existed when I was at Kramer. The mission and purpose is nothing but positive. The best things in our world sometimes seem to get the least support.  But I know that this program will expand and reach those who make it happen as well as those whom you service. Montrella Cowan: Catholic University Student.
Watch the Reality Check video by clicking here.

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The PTSA (Parent/Teacher/Student Advisory) Committee of ULTRA Teen Choice meets on the second Thursday of each month at Stuart-Hobson Middle School, 410 E St NE, Washington, DC in Room 114 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The next meeting is on Thursday, January 11 .The purpose of the PTSA Committee is to get feedback, input and help from our constituents and concerned community members in order to promote the mission of ULTRA Teen choice, which is to provide education, peer counseling and clubs for youth that will empower them to be successful in life by choosing abstinence from sex outside of marriage and abstinence from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

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