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 Northwest Chapter: Washington State


How can abstinence impact your present and future life? Abstinence is the only solution to have a 100% guarantee of being a pure being. It is the smartest and most easiest way of protecting your purity without hurting anyone else. I believe that abstinence affects your future in a very positive way because of all the benefits you can have and give to your future spouse. As you may know this problem of not being abstinent applies to high school and college which shows that they need a reason to be abstinent. One way abstinence can affect your life positively is that you still have a connection to God in the purest level. Like if you were to take drugs or have intercourse this bond between you and God would fade and then you would turn into evil by having a relationship bond with Satan. This is horrible to have because this may cause you to start mistreating your friends and disrespecting your peers. That is why abstinence is so great because it means no drugs or intercourse which saves you spiritual bond to go into the purest level of heaven intact. Abstinence may sound fake or stupid to teens nowadays, but it is one of the most beneficial way of staying away from temptations of drugs and intercourse. The way abstinence helps with your families future is that you will have saved all the love you have to your spouse. Of course everyone is going to have a family, but a person who has pledged to abstinence have made their future marriage a whole lot pure. An example of what I mean is when you go to a friends party and give them a cake half eaten. Now your friend would not like it as much as if you were to give her the biggest cake in the city uneaten and baked to perfection. This perfect cake is what abstinence will give you if you decide to take the road. The way that abstinence works is so amazing because there is no effort needed to fend off temptations, you just have to be strong enough with your heart and spirit to handle the pressure. Also abstinence really guides your life in a positive direction because of how you will think when you are a pure member. You won’t have any guilt about affecting anyone or anything. This also gives you a very clear mind and body to be able to connect to God by mind-body-unity. Abstinence is like a training course of having a strong connection with God and having a clear thought of being pure. On that note, I have to say that abstinence is the one true way to be pure in a life of a teen in the 21st century. No one can make fun of it because they will see the consequences of not being abstinent. We cannot ignore about this anymore and acting upon it by informing how a person’s life can be dramatically affected by abstinence is one step into the direction of bringing the kingdom of God onto the earth connected to heaven based on pure love of the blessed couples…