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ULTRA Teen Choice spoke out on a weekly radio show, “Spiritually,” which aired in August on Talk radio WPGC 1580 AM. The show, hosted and produced by Towan Isum and Erika Singletary, airs on Sundays at 2 p.m. The topic for the three weeks ULTRA Teen Choice appeared was abstinence.

On the first show, Richard Urban, ULTRA Teen Choice executive director, talked about how ULTRA Teen Choice works with youth to help them be successful in life through abstinence from sex before marriage, drugs and alcohol. The program does this through education about HIV-AIDS prevention and successful relationships, mentoring, peer counseling, and talking about goals and what qualities it takes to be a good parent.

Mr. Urban explained that he was in schools but is not now since D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee came in last year with a political agenda that is against directive, abstinence only programs such as ULTRA Teen Choice and banned him from D.C. schools. ULTRA Teen Choice now works with youth in community organizations, after school programs, and churches such as Pilgrim Baptist Church.

When asked about what parents can do to encourage abstinence, Mr. Urban said parents should model their values and make their expectations of abstinence clearly known. He said that 43 % of high schools students are staying sexually abstinent.

On the second show, youth talked about being abstinent. When asked how her friends respond to her being abstinent, Daryn Hinnant of Pilgrim Baptist Church said most of her friends were abstinent. She explained that, as far as dating is concerned, if there’s a problem she would have to let the young man go.

Calling in, Brieana Jones of Pilgrim Baptist Church said ULTRA Teen Choice teaches young people how to deal with peer pressure and encourages them not to have sex at a young age. Mr. Urban added that ULTRA Teen Choice shows how to say no clearly and if peers keep pressuring you you can tell them that if you care about me you’ll respect my decision to be abstinent and stop pressuring me.

Victoria Davis, a Howard University student, called in identifying herself as an accountability partner for ULTRA Teen Choice. She said she believed that accountability partners are important because it is helpful to have someone walking with you and understanding what it means to fight the temptations, peer pressure and images out there. In addition, she said partners hold each other accountable.

On the third show Ms. Singletary discusses how she stayed abstinent until her marriage to her husband George. Mr. Urban discusses the importance of parents having high expectations for their children by telling them clearly that they are expected to stay sexually abstinent.