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ULTRA Teen Choice Foundational Session Summary for youth 12 years and older
Mission:  To provide education, peer counseling and accountability relationships for youth that will empower them to be successful in life by choosing abstinence from sex outside of marriage and abstinence from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

  1. Living in the Age of AIDS slide presentation:  Starts out with a discussion of Magic Johnson’s HIV infection and proceeds to give basic medical and statistical information about HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Since teenagers respond to concrete information and examples, some of the opportunistic diseases common among AIDS patients and several examples of people who were infected when they were teenagers are given.
  2. Deciding Your Future slide presentation:  Focuses on the more personal concerns of each student to have a successful, happy, and healthy life. A brief discussion of condom use points out that while consistent use can reduce transmission of some diseases such as AIDS, it does not eliminate risk for infection and does not protect at all from certain diseases. Deeper issues such as valuing one’s life, love, commitment, the need of children to have the love of both parents, setting and working to achieve future life goals such as a career and marriage, male responsibility, how to say no to unwanted sex, media and peer pressure are explored. Love, family, and commitment are presented as positive, obtainable goals for those who make the right preparation.  
  3.  Videos & Discussion:  Why Wait?:  Classroom Peer Counseling,  STAR Guide Testimonies Youth Forum IIIStimulating videos plus small or large group discussion.
  4. Resisting Peer Pressure or Learning Assertive Skills:  Video clips of situations where teens are being pressured regarding having sex are viewed, and discussion questions are used to discuss appropriate responses, or peer counselors explain and model responses to pressure to become sexually involved, and youth practice those skills.
    Peer counselors who are committed to abstinence assist in facilitating this session.

  Invitation to sign a Pledge of sexual abstinence

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